Local paramedic to offer Yellowknife first aid courses, supplies

A new Yellowknife business is offering first aid classes and medical services.

62 Degrees North is the brainchild of paramedic Matt Vincent.

He says afte ryears working in the medical service in Yellowknife he decided to start his own company to fulfill his dream of being his own boss.

“It was a total learning curve, but one thing that, coming from a paramedic background when you’re actually teaching first aid you can give real life examples and explain to people what really happens, and it’s not just coming from a textbook. You have life examples to go along with it.”

Vincent said his classes take a hands-on approach.

“Anyone can sit there and read a textbook and study a textbook, but when it comes to the real scenario it’s a bit different so hands on is always a good approach, and a lot of people learn faster and remember stuff a lot more when they are hands on.”

He said he is still learning the in’s and out’s of running his own business.

Vincent is offering two-day Red Cross-certified first aid courses, and medical supplies such as NWT standard first aid kits.

Interview on CJCD Mix 100 News (now Moose FM)
Originally aired on February 1, 2013